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Guiding Your Organization Through Economic Turbulence, While Safeguarding Company Culture
Somerset Consulting Group was the proud sponsor of Texas CEO Magazine's Spring 2011 Round-table discussion featuring seven Dallas business leaders as they talked about their experiences with "safeguarding company culture during tough economic times".

Texas CEO Magazine
May/June 2011

COACHING - The Lost Leadership Skill
By Dr. Keith Owen, Frank B. Falkstein and Ron Mundy
Each year organizations spend millions and millions of dollars to train and develop their staffs. But, when the money has been spent and the training complete, do your people perform better? Do they contribute more to your bottom line?

Texas CEO Magazine
Nov/Dec 2010

The Curious Case for Internal Focus
For years experts have told us, to be ultimately successful, our companies should put the customer first. That advice is wrong. There can be no successful “customer focus” unless the foundation of “employee focus” is in place. When companies build an employee first culture, they outlive and outperform companies that don’t.

Texas CEO Magazine
May/June 2011

Books co-authored by Somerset Consulting Group's Principals
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Developing High Performance People: The Art Of Coaching
In today’s economy corporations are emphasizing performance improvement over increasing head count. Self-managed work teams, empowerment of employees, and organizational learning all present different challenges for today’s manager. How do managers succeed in this environment? A new set of managerial skills is necessary. Developing High-Performance People is the only book to address this changing role of the manger.Developing High-Performance People should be read by all supervisors and managers; human resources managers; trainers who conduct coaching/counseling courses; and professors in management, human resources, or career counseling—everyone who wants to learn how to build trust and involvement with employees and how to effectively evaluate employee performance. create a high performance environment help workers to deal with barriers to top performance analyze their own level of competency as a coach personalize a performance plan for each employee develop a practical action plan for employee training and development.
Change at Work: A Comprehensive Management Process for Transforming Organizations
Offering a human-systems approach to organizational transformation, shows how organizations can respond to change with intelligence and compassion. Presents a unique, comprehensive model for instituting, managing, and assessing changethe Total Transformation Management Process (TTMP). Drawing on many proven theories and models, provides an integrated process for successfully implementing systemwide change while staying focused on the human side of the organization.
Open Organizations: A Model for Effectiveness, Renewal, and Intelligent Change

Provides a working framework for organization consultants, human resource professionals, and managers committed to learning, quality improvement, and change in both business and non-profit Uses illustrations from actual in-depth case studies of such companies as The Travelers Insurance Company and Precision Grinding and Manufacturing at the organization, group, and individual levels, details specific methods of assessment, program development, and program evaluation. Provides a wealth of practical tools, instruments, and approaches for applying the Open Organization Model to any situation.