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Keith Owen, Ph.D. � Dr. Owen received his doctoral degree in Experimental and Personality Psychology from the University of Texas. He has been doing organizational research and consulting for 30 years. His strengths include research design and implementation, data analysis and data modeling to establish cause and effect relationships, change management and organizational development often using research as a catalyst for driving change.

Ron Mundy � Mr. Mundy has a B.A. in Computer Science from the University of Texas. He has been implementing organizational research and development for over 20 years. Ron�s strengths include Internet application development, structuring and managing data and data collection methodology, data mining, and business and product development. Ron is also an accomplished trainer, moderator and facilitator. Ron enjoys boating and is addicted to SCUBA diving.

Frank B. Falkstein - Frank B. Falkstein has been working in the field of management and consulting for over 40 years. Frank held senior executive and consulting positions in major corporations and has founded and operated several of his own companies. Frank�s experience includes: retail senior management; building a chain of seafood restaurants; co-founding what was to become the largest manufacturer and distributor of specialty advertising products in the United States; senior consultant for a national food and garden product marketing firm; consultant and senior vice president for national direct mail marketing company which included managing creative and printing operations as well as an advertising agency; and consultant and manager for major river authority. Frank joined Somerset Consulting Group in 2008.

Mike Faris, Ph.D. � Dr. Faris has a Ph.D. in Human and Organizational Development from the Fielding Institute in Santa Barbra, California. Mike has been teaching and working in the field of social research and development for over 25 years. Mike�s strengths include all types of qualitative research and qualitative data analysis. Mike is also an expert facilitator and trainer and enjoys designing human development activities.

Brett Read � Mr. Read holds a Bachelor of Business (Management) from ECU, Western Australia as well as a Graduate Diploma (Survival and Rescue Management) and a Graduate Certificate in Transport Systems Management. Prior to consulting Mr. Read had 15 years experience in management in the corporate sector where he has specialized in creating HSE as an integral part of business. Included in this process are consulting and training services covering leadership alignment, goal setting, strategy deployment, organizational surveys, results monitoring, on-going performance improvement as well as tools and processes designed to help clients create a No Harm � No Incident culture

Larry Pearson � Mr. Pearson, CSP, is recognized internationally as a passionate supporter of eliminating all workplace incidents. His primary focus of safety motivator has earned him the nickname �The Total Attitude Guy.� As president of The Pearson Group Inc. in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and a Director of the Global Safety Leaders Group, Larry galvanizes over three decades of business experience with his expertise in speaking, training and consulting to help people develop the necessary skills of safety leadership. Pearson has helped organizations like ConocoPhillips, BP Energy, Precision Drilling, EnCana Corporation, Devon Energy, Petro Canada and a host of others, improve their operational safety performance and elevate the skills of their front line leaders.

Jim Winter  �  Jim Winter holds a Bachelor of Science from Miami University and an MBA from The Citadel. He has an exceptionally broad and diverse background in government and civilian industry. Mr. Winter was a senior officer in the United States Navy. He taught at several graduate schools in the US and Australia and has worked in project management in technology, weapons systems, construction, and oil & gas. Mr. Winter specializes in organizational development and leadership consulting to government and commercial companies. He has focused on safety leadership for heavy industry � especially mining and oil & gas. He has been a part-time Senior Lecturer and Adjunct Professor with Curtin's Graduate School of Business for the past nine years, working in organizational behavior, leadership, strategic procurement, transportation logistics, quality management, and project management.

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    Our Strategic Partners

    Face the World

    Face the World is a fifteen year old boutique Management Consultancy based in Adelaide, South Australia. It specialises in working with clients to develop their strategic directions and deliver objectives through high performance teams. This is achieved through facilitation of planning workshops which have two key focuses: the plan and how we play the game. It acts as coach to leadership teams and also provides Leadership Training, Executive Coaching and Team Building to support approaches. All work is delivered in a style which incorporates concepts of emotional intelligence, visual facilitation and play.

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    Safety Leaders Group

    Safety Leaders Group is a management consultancy working with organizations globally to transform health, safety and environment performance. We have offices based in Alberta, Canada; Texas, USA; and Perth, Western Australia. We are dedicated to research, development and implementation of solutions that provide a pathway to success for individuals, organizations and communities.

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    The Pearson Group

    At The Pearson Group Inc. we believe there is one important factor that qualifies your success - whether is be personal or professional. It travels with you everywhere you go: work, home, community, on the bus, in your car. It has no political bias or political affiliation. It has no height, weight, colour, dimension. Yet everyone has one. The one factor is Attitude. That's why our signature is "Change your attitude... Change your world".

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